Lalantika is currently serving her final year in the hell called high school, and hopes to pursue law in the all too near future. An enthusiastic procrastinator and a true fangirl, she watches way too many TV shows for her own good, and loves to read YA lit or dystopian classics, devour chocolate, write, watch YouTube videos, overthrow the patriarchy and listen to music that ranges from the loudest Linkin Park song to the softest Taylor Swift tune. If she sees your dog on the road, she will 1000% pet it, as she prefers dogs and fictional characters to real people. Someday, she hopes to start a revolution.

July 9, 2016

When is all that supposed to end? We call ourselves a developed nation, yet we still see thousands of cases of female foeticide and infanticide. We call ourselves an educated people, boast of being intellectually ahead of the West, yet, we see cases of girl children blatantly being denied education. We call ourselves forward on one hand and disrespect women who fail to comply with demands of dowry on the other hand. We say the government is trying its best, developing the nation, yet, our child sex ratio remains at a horrendous 914. This is not development- it is silent, unhindered genocide.