Curiosity has been Aadya's driving force from long before she knew the word. Growing up in a close knit family with a propensity to move every two years and a penchant for the most explosive dinner table 'discussions', she has accumulated a diverse range of experiences. While being a third culture kid has provided its own unique brand of growth, she credits her insatiable reading habits for majority of her character development (and social ineptitude)

August 14, 2016

The concept of 'becoming a feminist' seemed entirely foreign to me. Having grown up in an affluent and progressive household and being educated in the best of private schools, everyone around me called themselves 'feminists' or at the very least professed to believe in gender equality. (How those two are different, I have never understood) The term 'feminist' was thus implicit and taken for granted. Nevermind that there was no accountability to the tag, that most self proclaimed equalist peers only used the term in "I'm a feminist, but..." statements.

July 16, 2016

Like most die hard comic fans, I am somewhat shamefaced when mentioning my weekly guilty-pleasure that is CW's Arrow. Not only does the show ignore many of the diverse minor characters mentioned in the comics, but there are also some gaping plot holes and inconsistencies. Still, it is an hour of mindless fun that I can binge watch without getting a headache, also I've come to have a small soft spot for the bespectacled-nerdy-IT girl that is Felicity Smoak.